Shop Policy


  • This section has been created for all prospective and returning customers of Curls & Twirls, both domestic and international.
  • As a customer, you are entitled to read and understand everything that has been written here and dutifully act upon them when making your purchase/s. A reason that you weren’t able to read the terms shall not be a valid excuse for any problematic transactions later on.
  • If you do not agree to our policy, please do not use this website.





  • Curls & Twirls reserves the right to alter all contents of this site without prior notice to its viewers.
  • Curls & Twirls is a Philippine-based online shop; hence, all purchases made outside the country’s premises shall be deemed as an international transaction and all rules regarding such deals shall apply.
  • All graphic and textual contents of this site is under Curls & Twirls. Please be minded that we have designed this site from scratch and that all visuals were exclusively created/drawn by the owner herself. In line with this, borrowed images are also duly sourced and disclaimed. Do NOT, in any way, copy them and/or use them for your own credit.



  • You agree to defend, indemnify and hold Curls & Twirls, the staff and suppliers unaccountable from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including any and all attorney fees, arising from or related to your use of this website.



  • All products are on-hand unless otherwise stated.
  • Measurements, descriptions and other necessary details per item are provided for everyone’s convenience. Curls & Twirls describes all products herein to the best of our ability, so rest assured that everything is accurately termed.
  • Actual colors may slightly change as pixels and tints may vary according to the customer’s computer display setup.


  • Payments can be made via BDO or BPI deposit, Globe G-Cash, Paypal and/or all major credit cards thru PayPal. For more information, please review our Payments section here.
  • International purchases are to be settled via PayPal only. Just so you know, we hate Western Union please don’t force us to get an account.
  • Payout rate for both domestic and international transactions shall be in Philippine Peso (PhP).
  • Any surcharges shall be shouldered by the customer unless otherwise stated.



  • Domestic parcels are shipped via Xend Express. International orders are coursed through Singapore Post (Premium Registered Mail). For more information, please review our Shipping section here.
  • Shipping fees shall be shouldered by the customer unless otherwise stated.
  • Curls & Twirls does not ship out orders unless they are fully paid.



  • Curls & Twirls shall not be held liable for any fees that may be incurred once we have handed out your parcels for delivery. Please keep in mind that such circumstances are beyond our control anymore.
  • Any import tariffs levied against international packages shall be shouldered by the customer. In the event that your preferred courier paid such taxes on your behalf, you shall be required to pay a surcharge assessed according to your parcel’s commodity and destination.


  • Curls & Twirls makes sure to deliver quality products to our customers. We see to it that all orders are in pristine condition and packed carefully prior to shipment. We shall not be held liable for any losses, damages and/or delays made during transit as these are circumstances beyond our control.
  • Once the customer receives their purchased goods, Curls & Twirls shall no longer be responsible for any damages incurred by the customer’s mishandling or misuse of the product/s in any way.
  • In the event you deem a return/refund/exchange is obligatory, please review our Returns Policy here.



  • Curls & Twirls agrees to offer returns, refunds and/or exchanges entirely at our discretion. We are not under any obligation to provide these services, but we shall attempt to do so under certain conditions. For more information, please review our Returns Policy here.


  • Curls & Twirls values its customers and respects their privacy. All customer information furnished to us shall be treated with utmost confidentiality, and shall not be sold nor disclosed to third parties.


For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.