• Curls & Twirls accepts payments via BDO or BPI over-the-counter deposit, Globe G-Cash, PayPal and/or all major credit cards thru PayPal.
  • Payments must be settled within (3) days upon placing your order/s. Failure to do so during the agreed extent shall result to your order/s forfeited.
  • Once paid, please do not forget to inform us and provide the necessary details. Orders can only be processed upon confirmation of complete payment.
  • Any surcharges are to be shouldered by the customer unless otherwise stated.





  • The customer is obliged to shoulder the 50 PhP deposit fee that selected BDO / BPI branches might charge for their service.
  • To make a deposit, go to any Banco de Oro or BPI branch (NOT BPI Family!) with your payment. Get a Cash Deposit Slip (BDO) or Deposit/Payment Slip (BPI) and fill out the form. Make sure you have our account details written on a piece of paper as you are not allowed to bring out your cell phones when inside the bank. Submit the form to the counter, as well as your money. Wait for him/her to finish processing your deposit.
  • This for over-the-counter deposits only. Again, do NOT deposit via ATM machine!
  • Please do keep the deposit slip with you until we can fully confirm your payment.



  • The customer is obliged to shoulder the service fee made by Globe. Please take note that this surcharge will not reflect in your invoice. 
  • FOR G-CASH SUBSCRIBERS: Text the amount (space) your 4-digit M-PIN (space), then send to 2882 + 10-digit number (recipient’s number).
  • FOR NON-SUBSCRIBERS: Go to any Globe center with your cash and a valid ID. Request for a G-Cash form. Fill out the form with the necessary information. Hand the money to the cashier and wait until he/she finishes processing your deal.
  • Please be mindful of your unique reference number until we can fully confirm your payment.
  • For more information about G-Cash, click here.
  • For basic G-Cash commands and how to’s, click here.



  • The buyer shall be charged 5% for surtaxes and transaction fees.
  • Payout rate is in Philippine Peso (PhP).
  • Please do keep a copy of your PayPal invoice. For international transactions, you might need it when you claim your parcel/s.
  • For more information about PayPal, click here.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.